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Smart representation for positive, practical results.

At Olsen, Kloet, Gunderson & Conway, we believe that aggressive representation and professional  civility are not mutually exclusive and are to be used hand-in-hand to achieve positive, cost-effective results.

We are prepared to litigate disputes from start to finish. We have extensive experience in mediation, arbitration, dispositive motions, jury trial, trials to the court, appeals, and administrative hearings.

  • Personal Injury / Premises Liability: If you have been injured in an auto accident, or other accident, and a party is negligent, you are entitled to fair compensation for your injuries. We help injured persons obtain compensation by carefully analyzing your unique circumstances and work with you and your medical team in resolving the case.
  • Worker’s Compensation: We represent people who sustain work-related injuries. Worker’s compensation represents the exclusive remedy for injured workers and we take our clients through these administrative processes. We seek to resolve matters, but we proceed to administrative hearings whenever a reasonable solution cannot be reached.
  • Construction Law: Construction litigation is complex and involves numerous parties and insurance companies. We represent general contractors, subcontractors, and property owners regarding construction disputes, both large and small. We also advise contractors regarding compliance with Wisconsin’s Home Improvement Trade Practices Act.
  • Insurance Defense: Several major property and casualty insurers regularly utilize our law firm, both to defend their insureds in litigated matters or to represent the interests of the insurers in insurance coverage disputes.
  • Commercial Litigation: We will try to resolve your business dispute, but we will assist you in the event formal litigation is required.
  • Trial Practice: We are experienced in jury trials, trials to the court, and administrative proceedings.
  • Appeals: A trial court may present or raise an issue in your case that requires review. In those situations we can advise you regarding a potential appeal. Our attorneys have successfully appealed numerous cases to the Court of Appeals and the Wisconsin Supreme Court.
  • Administrative Hearings: We have extensive experience in administrative proceedings, including ERD, WC, and others.